i am not sure if i can handle this waiting anymore, we still don't know if russell has been accepted to byi-idaho. although i only expect the best and already know in my heart that we will be in idaho this january, the lord knows best and if not so, than on goes the adventure. me and russell are so looking forward to this weekend in southern alberta for thanksgiving. we are going to make a stop at the beautiful cardston temple, eat turkey on sunday, and on monday maybe even take a trip to beazer, alberta!

exciting things are happening though! whitney's wedding is next weekend, the soon to be mrs. van der lee is busy getting everything ready and we can't wait for her special day! it reminds us of our day and how much fun being married is.

more exciting news! carly raslask, a girl from my lci wrestling team is getting baptised the day before whitney's wedding; what an exciting weekend. i am so happy for her and have always prayed that she would one day get baptized, because the gospel is so wonderful and she is so wonderful! i even get to give a talk on baptism to share my excitment with her.



Life is crazy that is for sure, but I am glad that you are taking it in stride and doing the best with it! Is it bad that I secretly don't want you to go in January, ok I will let you because i know it is best but we are going to miss you! Thanks for being such a good friend to me, it has made leaving all my friends behind a lot easier! Have a fun weekend at home!

maggie-t said...

That is so cool that you get to speak at your friends baptism. we are so excited for you guy to live in ID. i hope we can see each other a lot when you live down in the states. cya this next weekend!