here is a little update on russell and i. we had a stressful and tiring week and we didn't have to work on friday, so we decided to go out and stay in canmore at my dads condo. it was perfect! we slept in, watched movies, and i edited photos and sketched while russell read a book. we ate delisio pizza, popcorn, and did the dishes in a dishwasher, it was magnificent! (dishwashers are truely inspired modern day devises) getting away is needed sometimes and i just love spending time with russell! oh and bytheway i cut my hair, back to short again! here is a picture of russell and i at the wedding.



I love it! I love you cute new haircut and I love getting away. I am glad you guys had a fun weekend! Getting away just the two of you is always the best!

Katie said...

Your hair looks really cute. I bet it was great to have a dishwasher. For our first 8 months we didn't have a dishwasher either. Luckily our kitchen was a bit more spacious than most, but still... sometimes it seemed like there were a lot of dishes!

eden lang said...

the two of you are SO cute!