i just felt the need to express my gratitude for all my many many many blessings. there are alot so just to name a few...

1. i love my handsome husband. i get to spend the entire day with him we wake up and snuggle, he gives me a kiss, then makes me get out of bed, we say our prayers, read scriptures, and then get ready for the day. then we walk to work, together. i work at reception and he is mr. fix it. i get to see him pop in-and-out all day, he sometimes even stops at my desk, smilies at me, tells me i'm gorgeous, and we sneak in a kiss [how fun!] what a blessing to have him with me all day.

2. i have a sweet calling. russell and i are the young married couples activities coordinators [ymca coordinators for short] so pretty much we get to plan fun parties and then invite all of our friends to come and then start with a prayer.

3. i have a great family. we live close to a lot of our family and stay in contact with the rest. they support me, love me, encourage me, pray for me. THANK-YOU! but most of all i now have my own little family, the russell and esther beazer family, it is the coolest. its like playing house, with all the ups and downs and twists and turns that life provides, and when things get hard, and i cry my handsome hero of a husband holds me and wispers "everything is going to be ok, i love you!"

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ash.fairbanks said...

Awww...such a cute blog! You are so lucky that you and your husband get to spend all day together! Mike and I both go to different schools and different jobs... :( sad! But very sweet post!