so this last weekend we went down to utah to help our wonderful cousins thane and melanie mangum move from layton to orem ... and boy did we have fun! as you can see in the picture we over loaded the trailer [note the jeep's back side sagging], we did lots of work but managed to destroy each other in a few games of killer bunnies

other news ... russell and i are both doing very well in school. the ironic thing is that now that i am finally in a photography class i can't find the time to actually go out and photograph anything. i will also have to strike a deal with my fridge this weekend and see if it can make a run to the grocery store for me, because frankly we need food and well time is in short supply right now [i guess this means midnight runs to broulims]



OK first off: I MISS YOU!
Second off: I am so jealous you got to go to Utah.
THIRD: I am so happy you guys are having such fun adventures!
FOURTH: When are you coming back to visit!

maggie-t said...

It was SO much fun seeing you guys. You were so amazing to help Thane and Mel so much. I hope Russ's legs are feeling better and that you are not sick anymore. Thank you so much again for all the help you gave them. Jeremy and I felt bad that we didn't help more. Also I have never had so much fun playing killer bunnies than with you two. when we see each other again I would like a re-match: )