so i got a new camera at christmas and i am finally really getting a hang of using it. there are so many buttons and knobs that help you get that perfect picture [mine are still a ways away from being perfect, but i am definitely seeing improvement]. this week we had a colour assignment dealing with the colour of light; so this morning i left the house at 6:50 am in order to get that gorgeous light in the morning. for any of you who have never been up that early, here is what the world can look like...

i love all the blues, with a hint of red/pink on the horizon. the world transforms during sunset and sunrise and everything becomes beautiful!

p.s. i love pictures of the sky!
[sorry, some of the colour that makes them pop is lost]


Katie said...

Cool shots. Bet you're loving having a new camera!

maggie-t said...

sigh. . .so pretty, so peaceful. you have such a great talent.