so i have a  new photography crush [this just means i have someone new to blog stock]. jonathan canlas; he graduated from byu in provo, shoots 100% film and he is talented, and.... i got to meet him yesterday! it made me feel like i have no talent, but at the same time it got me excited and enthusiastic about trying new things and not being afraid. he loves photography and his enthusiasm for the craft is inspiring.  

he is doing a workshop called film is not dead in san fransico july; i would love to attend one of his workshops one day. he told us all about the workshop and we got a sneak peak yesterday as he presented a mini workshop to byu-idaho photo students. the most amazing thing about his images is that he usual does no editing! can you believe that? most of the images you see [like the one below] are all the original scans of his film with no post production editing.

wow! i have a lot to learn.

don't you just love these yellow shoes!!!



Katie said...

Wow totally love that shot. I so wish I had worn some way bold shoes for my wedding. But for some reason I thought I had to wear white. Sounds like this was a great opportunity.

Jonathan Canlas said...

this shot was with a nikon f5 + 50mm 1.4 lens. flat out, i can shoot a whole wedding with that set up alone.

Jonathan Canlas said...

oh, and thanks for the props!