this is just a little something i had fun with today. i have an objective in mind, but i am not sharing ... yet! but don't you love old cameras? i do! i borrowed this camera from the school today, took it outside, and placed it on the cement in some awesome lighting and got these really fun pictures! i made some of them high contrast so they almost look like a graphic.



nicole said...

hey esther i own a camera just like this.. . Do you where to find film for it?

Wonderful pictures. My faves are 2 and 3!


Adam Taylor said...

That is such a great camera! You have some really cool photos on here! I really like the canal , and the yellow shoes. It's also a lot of fun how everyone is on different levels in the one's of russ's family. Very fun!

Martha anne said...

So cool!
So sad there was no photography this semester, I have to wait... even longer.