bradley.&.heather {wedding}

so my childhood friend bradley henriksen finally got married this weekend. the wedding was wonderful and heather looked absolutely amazing; brad is a very lucky boy. they are perfect together and will have a wonderful marriage.

here are some pictures i took at the wedding, enjoy!


Lindsay said...

So fun, I wish that I could have been there. What a cute couple. I just saw a picture on my computer of little Brad when he was 3. He's still just as cute. Great pics Esther.

Katie said...

Great pictures. I really like the bride's hair and dress.


Wow Esther, you are getting so amazing at photography. Those pictures look incredible. I am so proud!

Ashley Jane Bishop said...

umm...esther you should read your last blog message...brad is a boy I am certain of that.
I love you, send me the pictures from the weekend.