i have manage to make myself go crazy, yes crazy! i have a lot to do and it doesn't seem like there is ever enough time or energy to get it all done and get it done well. but things always seem to work out; funny how that works.

well i am assistant coaching the swim team this semester [with all my 'extensive' swim knowledge] which i am very excited for; i think we are going to have a great summer season. along with that i am taking 15.5 credits and training for a triathlon! WOO... wish me luck! i need it!


Katie said...

Good thing you aren't pregnant!


GEEZ girl slow down you got a lot of life to live and you want to enjoy it all. I know how that goes you pack everything into one time and it is so overwhelming but just be careful that you don't do too much, you will end up hating things you thought you loved!