so russell surprised me with a little gift on tuesday ... a nike watch; but not just any nike watch the same one i had last year that got broken. its the perfect watch for running {light weight, has a timer, tells time, what more could you want in a watch}. well it was the perfect little gift along with my much needed new running shoes! so although russell never wants to do another triathlon, he is very supportive of me doing them; as long as he doesn't have to swim another 500m in open water.



Such a good gift, what a good husband! Now come out here and run with me!

Oh and P.S. I forgot to tell you about the house, the other one did fall through but we got another one that is twice as good so you will for sure have to stay with us! I can't believe you are not coming until August!

maggie-t said...

how sweet: ) good luck on your triathlon training!