so there are going to be a few changes with the blog as you can see. i can't keep up 2 blogs so this is going to become my photography blog. this is a big step for me... let me know if you like the logo and the name.

oh and more good news... i got a new lens, canon 50mm 1.4 {i love it, but i love russell more}


H and E said...

Looks awesome Esther, you are going to be such a success. I love the logo and the new blog.

maggie-t said...

Hey. Are you guys coming to Rexburg soon? We may want to go see you if you will be there next week. We leave for Florida on Aug 31st. Hope all is going well for you!

geri said...

lookin darling esther!
i'm in the market for a new lens as well and i cannot decide which to get. how did you decide?? (i really wanna know.)

p.s. if you seriously want me to tell ya how to do the link thing e-mail me and i'll try my best to explain. (sometimes i struggle, but it's ok.)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I just got that lense a couple months ago and I am in Heaven!! Love love love that lens!! I love your name too!!