i did it i changed the blog address, the new address is:


now don't think that russell has been cut out of the picture, you will see him on the blog lots! this is just another step toward making myself more marketable! i need all the support i can get! so feel free to comment and tell me how amazing and corageous i am for making all these changes.

oh and p.s. i decided i didn't like the logo and the name so now its just esther photo, new logo to come shortly {its a work in progress}

p.s.s. i like change {well sometimes}


eden lang said...

really great photos Esther!!! the blog looks great, can't wait to see the logo...

was looking back through the blog and saw the holga pics. I LOVE holga too! they are so fun. I just need to talk Daylan into getting me a scanner...hmmm how am I going to talk him into this one?

H and E said...

Esther I am so proud of you, I will faithfully follow your photography blog.

Katie said...

Good for you! I love looking at your work. Maybe you could keep a personal blog so I can stay updated on your life???