so russell and i head back to rexburg tomorrow. i am looking forward to being back in our own apartment and to seeing our friends! it has been a wonderful time being home in canada! we went camping in beazer, went to calgary to visit friends and family, worked and played hard!

school starts on thursday and it is going to be yet another busy semester, but i am looking forward to it. i got a full tuition scholarship, which we are totally happy about and hopefully i will be swimming on the swim team again!

so if anyone is going to be near rexburg idaho in the next four months let us know! visitors are always welcome!

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H and E said...

Yeah I wish you lived up here forever but I am so excited for you guys to have another exciting fun, busy year at school. If I drive up I will for sure stop by but I am hoping I won't be driving for awhile! Can't wait to see you again, whenever that is!