baby. {20 wks}

so here it is, in all its glory, the baby bump! i am now 20 weeks pregnant and half way to meeting this little baby; isn't that crazy! i mostly just feel lumping and bumpy and not so much pregnant, but i am still excited about this baby!

baby has been moving more, which is fun for me. and next week we get to see baby on friday at our ultrasound appointment.


H and E said...

You look adorable, and I love the pictures!
I know you feel more bumpy than pregnant, but embrace it because it is only a moment in time before your belly gets huge.
You look absolutely beautiful in the photos!

Katie said...

You look so cute! I LOVE the photos of Tomas and Lorraine. You are so talented, Esther! All your photos are fabulous!

Shani said...

That's great, esther, keep that baby healty and growing!

Katie said...


Anonymous said...

nicely grown. your belly is perfect!

eden lang said...

Ooo, look at that little belly!!!! I am so excited for you. and you look so cute with that little bump!