i just had the best three days of my life!

to start russell wasn't suppose to be here until friday, well when i came home from school at 4:30 on thursday, guess who was sitting on my doorstep with a dozen roses. i don't think i have ever enjoyed a hug so much in my life or cried tears of joy! husbands are wonderful, especially when they surprise you! russell and i just spent the whole weekend enjoying being close to each other, talking, holding hands (hence no pictures, sorry), hugging, and kissing.

hope everyone had a great mother's day weekend!


Katie said...

Esther! Cute blog! The Scarboroughs have a blog but its private. Just ask her to send you an invite:) I'm glad you got to spend the weekend with Russel:)

Shani said...

Good for you guys! Keep the love going strong :)