baby is getting bigger and stronger and moving more and more all the time. its a daily reminder that my life is moving fast and furious in a new direction. its all so wonderful and scary at the same time. i have been in school now for almost as long as i can remember and although the idea of graduating is exciting, it is a little daunting. i am good at school and i have been doing it for so long, but there has got to be something better than running around all day trying to get homework done, even if you are good at it.

i think i am ready for change, but it still makes me nervous.

p.s. do you like my hair-cut? i was craving a little change; i felt frumpy.


janetina said...

You are about to find out that you are good at a lot of other things. Like being a loving mother and creative parent. I love your hair! It is chic and modern. I love you and hope you enjoy these last 4 weeks of that beautiful campus!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Your super cute! Love the hair! Love the belly!

Katie said...

I really like your hair. It's cute. Can't wait to see you and your belly in a few days!!!