my baby is due in two weeks.
i am not going to be pregnant forever.
i am going to be a mother.
russell is going to be a father.
i get to meet my baby!
this little person who has been growing inside of me is going to come and join our little family soon. it will have little feet, little toes, and little fingers, and i can't wait to hold this little person.

this is a mobile i made and my first pair of walking shoes.


Katie said...

2 weeks?! That's it?? Are you feeling ready? I can't wait to know if the baby's a boy or a girl or what the name is!

Palmers said...

I love that mobile it's amazing!!

Martha anne said...

That mobile is sooooo cute!!

eden lang said...

your mom told me you made the mobile? its darling! you did such a great job. can't wait to see this sweet little baby of yours. good luck with the last two weeks...and have fun getting ready!