the nelsons are some of our best friends and i had such a fun time photographing little blakely {isn't she fun! she makes the best faces}. emily and hank i hope we stay life long friends!



H and E said...

Oh Esther we love you guys so much! Hank is always talking about how we will be life long friends after everytime we hang out and I could not be happier about that. Thank you for spending the weekend with us and capturing the many faces of Miss B! I love the last pictures of Hank and her,they are precious! She loves her daddy!

Amy said...

So great Esther! Little Miss B does make the best faces. So much personality in such a little body!

PS I've been back to your blog about 10 times today to look at all these pictures!

eden lang said...

these are so great too! she is such a cutie! love all the pics Esther.