we felt pretty cute yesterday, all dressed up in our sunday best! {i finally fit back in to my black pencil skirt!}. and i am thinking about cutting my hair again, what do you think about me cutting my hair short like this?


Katie said...

I say cut it. That style would look really cute on you. I think I'm going to cut my hair to collarbone length this summer. It's nice to have something different and new every once in a while.

H and E said...

You look gorgeous, isn't fun to get into clothes you have been missing, Congrats!
I say go for the cut, I think you would look super hot!!!

geri e. said...

do it! do it! !!!
and yay for the pencil skirt! :)

eden lang said...

aw, you guys do look so cute! so glad you were able to stop and get the photo! I honestly think your hair would be great either way! so fun. good luck with the choice!

Katie said...

Thanks Esther! Sarah's new baby's name is Lars and he is sooooo super cute:) I LOVE your cute family photo! And for the record, I think you hair would be really cute if you cut it!;)

Martha anne said...

I really like you hair, don't cut it!
Plus, just my personal experience with it is those short stylish hair cuts need a lot of style. I'm terrible at styling my hair so I stay away from them now. But non the less you will look cute no matter what. But I really love your bangs and hair right now!
Very cute picture!