to cut or not to cut? i am trying to decide whether or not i should go short or keep trying to grow it out.
comments and/or suggestions please!



Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Long hair and ponytails can be such a blessing when your a young Mom, that being said, You do short SO well! You always look great!

Martha anne said...

I am so happy that I have grown my hair out, I find it easier and love being able to get my hair out of my face when I need too.
But I have a feeling you really want to cut it to.
Do what you want, but I really like your hair at Christmas so maybe you should get some fun layers and just keep it that length but get a fresh cut!

Eden Lang said...

Your hair is beautiful! I say try to grow it for a bit. Merin always helped me through my "I wanna cut my hair" fits. and it really is so nice to be able to pull it back and out of the way.

let us know what you do! you will look great either way.

janetina said...

You have great friends with good suggestions!

Amy said...

I say short! I always want to cut mine really short but am never brave enough. You seem braver than me - go for it! It's just hair, it will always grow back.

Amy said...

PS but you'll still look cute either way!

H and E said...

Hmm that is tough because if you are in the mood for a serious change then you should do it. That being said I have to have the option to pull back my hair or I would die. Time is precious, but if you have easy hair that is great. My hair short was so hard!