mother dear i love you so
your gently smiling face
is such a joy to look at
it makes home a lovely place

this is my amazing mother. i know, doesn't she look amazing! part of who i am today is because of this amazing woman! i love you mom, and i always will, thank-you for being so wonderful!



Serene Sweeten said...

oh I love these Esther! Love your hair cut too by the way.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Aunt Janet looks stunning as always! I love the belt. Love the simple understated perfection.

And Esther, you decided to go short again! It looks so good! WOW your eyes look amazing in that last shot, both of you!

Shani and Miles said...

What style!! Great shots, Esther!

Eden Lang said...

Janet! you look beautiful. I absolutely love the 7th picture in! you have such great style. and according to my mom you have always had amazing style!

and Esther...I love the cut. SO cute. good call:) wish I could pull off a cut like that.

H and E said...

Love these pics, your mom is so gorgeous and probably one of the nicest people I have ever met as well!

Martha said...

Man our mom is such a babe! And you hair looks so freakin cute, and stylish I think you made a good move. Wonderful pictures of mom.

janetina said...

Thanks honey! Love your photography! I am so thankful for all my children! Let's do it again!