i can hardly believe it, porter is 7 months old and standing up to anything he can grab. it is a little scary since his ambition is greater than his ability, but after a fee bumps and one goose egg later, he is already getting much better at standing. he seems to have grown up so much in the past couple of weeks. he is starting to finally get the hang of solid food; he always wants to be right beside me if i am eating something, so the other day i peeled a big carrot for him to gnaw and suck on.


H and E said...

I can't get over that hair!!! So cute! He is getting to be such a big boy!

Tanis said...

I can't believe you moved already!
We miss you all so much. Porter changes every day. Make the most of every moment. I love you more, Mother B

janetina said...

My kitchen was empty this morning. I didn't like it. I miss u all. Give Porter a big hug & kiss from me. Grandma M.