i grew up in a big family. we didn't always get along when we were younger, but now that we are older i am so grateful to be a part of a big family. i have built-in friends and that is irreplaceable.

my big sister is now pregnant with her 4th baby and even though 4 doesn't sound like a big number, we all know that taking care of even one baby is no small task. i am so glad that my sister is having another baby, because i know that her kids will appreciate the joy of family and built-in friends just like i do.


Eden Lang said...

ah- these are beautiful! big families are such a blessing:)

Lindsay said...

Thanks Esther. These are so fun!! I want to put one of the girls up in their bedroom. And I love that one of the three kids. Loving my big family and can't wait to meet the next member.