call for desperate measures. why wont can't my child learn not to wake up before 5:45 in the morning. on the rare occasion i can get him to go back to sleep, but not often enough. he wakes up early but is by no means ready to start his day, he needs more sleep. he is cranky if he starts his day this early and then the entire days schedule is off. what to do. i feel like i have tried many things, but i am now completely open to any suggestions. we need sleep!


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Do you have a fan in his room? or yours? We run a honeywell 16" or bigger loud fan in our kids rooms. It allows them a deeper sleep without listening to any noises in the house, and/or it keeps you from hearing him! You can just leave him to play until he falls back asleep on his own. I found with my kids that they would wake up early but if left alone and stuck in their room they would fall back asleep as long as I didn't interfere. If they saw me, they were up! My kids are early risers too and when they start to push too early this is what we go to. Usually just took a few days to get them back to a reasonable time. I hope it improves for you soon! Sleep is precious!

Briana Jensen said...

I feel your pain! We were in the same boat for a a long time! I slowly pushed her bedtime back a little each night. At first Emily would wake up at the same time still, which made putting her to bed later extremely hard,we had to add an extra nap during the day in order for her to make it, but eventually she started to wake up later. Hopefully your little man will learn to sleep in!! It makes for long days when they are up that early!! Good luck!

Love the pics tho!! He is such a cutie!

H and E said...

Sleeping is not our strong suit so I won't give any advice, but I hope it changes soon!
He is a handsome little bugger!!!!