so, i know i have been kind of absent from this blog for awhile and now boom, i have a ton of posts. this summer has been crazy! and we moved twice this summer so it has been hard to keep up between that and visiting family and playing outside. here is a little sneak at a fun little shoot i did with my talented friend michelle {she is a make-up artist}. have a wonderful saturday!


H and E said...

Glad you are back! I think we all take the summer off from blogging, too much fun to be had. I love all your updates and pictures! I am glad we at least have blogs to keep updated since now we live so FAR apart. Miss you!

janetina said...

Lovely! You are beautiful Michelle inside and out! So nice Esther captured you so beautifully!

janetina said...

How this is an amazing shot!! Love the updated blog Esther it looks very sharp! Love You :) p.s. this is Martha