More Handcrafting.

I love to create! If I don't have some sort of a project on the go or some sort of goal to accomplish, I feel lazy! Creating is just a part of me, it is why I got an art degree and why I continue to find new ways to create that fit into my lifestyle. My mother got me a sewing machine last year for my Birthday/Christmas, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the art of sewing. I always said as soon as I was done university I was going to learn to sew, and I did. I still need to learn to sew cloths, something like a dress, for myself, but for now I have enjoyed simple little projects like these two: baby shoes and a little girl pinafore. The pinafore is made from a vintage fabric that I bought at a yard sale this summer and I think it is perfect for this little pattern. It is so easy to whip together; I have already made a few this year as gifts and will probably make many more. The baby shoe pattern is on sale right now too if you are interested; they are a little tedious to make, but rewarding.


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I love the shoes Esther. Soo cute and the fabric for the pinafore is amazing!!