Gabriella and Olivia.

This little family is truly amazing! Pam and Kyle are such wonderful parents and have their hands full with five kids, 5 and under. They introduced these sweet little ladies, Gabriella and Olivia, into their family in March and their hearts have grown two sizes bigger!

 photo Bourne059_zps9d0a7ce8.jpg  photo Bourne049_zps8d5d2492.jpg  photo Bourne045_zpsaf7c91a2.jpg  photo b4_zps74deeceb.jpg  photo b2_zps40e9f191.jpg  photo Bourne009_zps8f492b7d.jpg  photo b1_zps251786e6.jpg  photo Bourne029_zpsba98c285.jpg  photo Bourne031_zps23f07c12.jpg  photo b3_zpsff93f51a.jpg


Rosalyn Irene said...

these are beautiful!

Katie said...

Wow! Beautiful babies!

I bet you had fun photographing twins.

mckenzie said...