Baby Cambell.

This little baby boy was such a cutie to photograph; he wanted to stay awake and be a part of the party. Babies are such wonderful ways to start people, I hope you are enjoying all his sweetness Kristen!

 photo babyVDD31_zpsf0122ed2.jpg  photo babyVDD30_zps59b4e1cd.jpg  photo babyVDD39_zps135eeff1.jpg  photo babyVDD40_zps3d412ee4.jpg  photo babyVDD42_zpsc6a266c9.jpg  photo babyVDD08_zpsc802881f.jpg  photo bbvdd1_zps5e0464c2.jpg  photo babyVDD25_zps66fae563.jpg  photo babyVDD23_zps6dc16d2d.jpg  photo babyVDD11_zpsc89c212a.jpg  photo bbvdd2_zps76a185d6.jpg

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