Just a little mud.

What else do you do when your little boy gets stuck in the mud? I had the camera in my hands and I just had to snap a few photos before I helped him out. It was sad, but exceptionally cute!

 photo CBbeazer000701-R6-067-32_zpsa5b006d6.jpg  photo CBbeazer000701-R6-069-33_zps705d2856.jpg  photo CBbeazer000701-R6-071-34_zpsc70b614f.jpg  photo CBbeazer000701-R6-073-35_zps2b2eba85.jpg  photo CBbeazer000701-R6-075-36_zps212e5508.jpg


Katie said...

So cute! His little pouty face is so sweet. I'm glad you took these photos!

Martha Phillips said...

Your right sad but so cute!!