i know this post is way over due but here it is. first off let me just say that we had an awesome christmas! it was wonderful, busy, fun, exciting, tiring and oh so much more! my favorite moment from christmas was the sweet gift my little sister martha gave me, a blue antique pyrex gravy boat.

so our big adventure down to school started on december 31st when we finished packing all of our belongings into a 6'x12' uhaul trailer. we traveled through blizzarding snow and finally arrived in rexburg at 2:00 am and slept in the cab of the truck. in the morning we moved into our very cold apartment and then got sick from sleeping in the cold! SO MUCH FUN!

we have started school and are really enjoying learning at such a wonderful university. the lord has truly blessed us and we are grateful!


Katie said...

Sometimes I wish we had so few belongings. Sigh. Glad you arrived safely even though you got sick. Good luck!


Yeah I am so happy you guys are all settled in! I still can't believe you slept in that freezing apartment, you are hard core! We miss you guys....hanging out just isn't the same without you as well so I am glad the feelings are mutual!

maggie-t said...

glad to hear that you guys made it safely there.