i want a big plaque for our house that says, "come what may and love it", this is my new moto for life. even though i may not do a good job of this at times, this is my new theme.

i found out this morning that the church has put out a new series of videos on youtube called mormon messages; they are very sweet. click here and listen to my favorite one. here are two other messages that i fell in love with, "lessons i learned as a boy" and "how do i love thee?"

and ... here are some photos i have taken for my photography class. i am using my moms old film camera and really enjoying the whole film process!


Katie said...

great shots. I love black and whites!


You are so talented i love your pictures! Call me sometime soon, I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for Blogstocking but I thought i would say I like your shots.

Russell and Esther said...

thank-you sharpal, you just made my day! continue to blogstock all you want!