first off let me say that i am happy, i love school, i love being here with russell, its wonderful!!!

but... do you ever feel defeated? well i felt like that today. one of the things i love the most is art; painting, drawing, photography. but today i felt like i was in the wrong place taking a photography class. i feel sometimes like i will never be good enough or that i am being a poser by loving all things artistic. i am also struggling with how to interpret my teacher, and learn from his teaching style. 

if you have any suggestions, advice, words of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, please share!

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Katie said...

That's a hard place to be. It sounds like you really enjoy photography so I don't think you're posing in any way. Conor sometimes gets down about his artistic abilities and it drives me nuts because the more he tells himself that, the more he'll believe it. Essentially you just have to believe in yourself. Cheesy, but true.

I often feel defeated. It's something I'm always working on overcoming.