well russell and i are staying in rexburg for the spring semester! school ends on april 9th and then starts again on april 20th, i am excited. we are going up to canada to visit for a week between semesters, yeah!!! we have missed being away from family, even though going to school here at byu-idaho has been so great for us.

the best part about all of this is that we don't have to move! i am ecstatic about that. the thought of moving almost brought me to tears; but it doesn't matter now because we will be here in this apartment now until the next spring semester, at least. it is such a comforting feeling to know that we will get to call this place home for over a year, isn't that wonderful?!? 


Katie said...

I'm so glad you don't have to move! We've moved so many times... never lived in a place longer than 8 months! I'm glad you'll be able to get school done quicker too. Too bad we'll just miss each other on visits to Alberta. We're going March 18-April 3. Oh well!

Oh by the way, there's an elder in our ward from Lethbridge and he knows you. He played rugby in HS and has been out for 6 months. Small world.


Ok so I am so happy for you, that you get to stay put and have a place to call home. Moving is not fun, hence I am in the middle of it right now and I am not enjoying it! But I am sad you are so far away! I can't wait for your visit we are going to P-A-R-T-Y!!!

maggie-t said...

that is so exciting that you won't have to move! Your apartment looks so cute:) Jeremy and I want to go up to ID to visit for a couple of days. We will have to make sure we don't go up when you will be out of town. It will probably be May.