today was a great morning, i didn't have to write my art history test. as much as i enjoy art history, it is always a great feeling when you don't have to write a test. i planned my whole week around not having to write my test or go to school today so today is my day, so instead i spent about 2 and a half hours this morning just taking pictures and this afternoon i am going to put dinner in the crock pot, go swimming, and then i will have to come back down to earth and do a little bit of homework.

check out this truck isn't this sweet! yes that is a tree growing out the side of the truck; russell and i walk past this everyday, we are pretty sure that this same tree grows out the other side of the truck too, but we haven't check to make sure yet.



Yeah for you! What a fun day out taking pictures, they look awesome! I can't believe that tree is growing out of a truck, how does that happen!

maggie-t said...

that is an awesome truck/tree pic. I am so glad that you got to have a fun day. everyone deserves one now and then: )

Katie said...

Guess that truck has been parked there for a while! Great photos. Glad you were able to take some "you" time!