as an art major i think a lot about creating "art". being an "artist" can be hard; it is easy to get discouraged and feel inadequate. but i love it! i love art! i love to create! i love to push myself! there is something satisfying about creating! here is a video from mormon messages on youtube to help inspire!

doesn't this video put a fire inside of you to want to create?! we are so blessed to have such wonderful leaders who love and encourage us for good! 

i feel so blessed!!

i challenge everyone who reads this to forget about the critics (especially the one in your head) and create something that excites you! then share your excitement with someone! trust me, it feels so good!

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Katie said...

That's one reason why I love to sew so much. I like to see what I can make. It can be hard because there's always someone more talented and better, but hey, I'm mostly doing it for me!! Thanks for sharing!