has anyone else noticed that there is a problem with blogger when you upload images. all my pictures look sick because the colour saturation just isn't there. does anyone else feel this way or have the same blogger woes? if so, do you have any suggestions?

well russell and i are back at school again. today was the first day of classes. i think this semester is going to prove it-self to be a busy one, but i am looking forward to it. i think i am going to learn a lot this semester with the type of classes i am taking! russell is going to be happier then ever though; russell is in a golf class and will be playing golf about 2 times a week. i think it will help him get through his less than exciting campus jobs.

we sure enjoyed our trip home to canada to visit everyone we love! but i won't lie i love having my own little home! it is nice to be back in our apartment and hopefully we will be back in a good routine again.

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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I have the same problem!!! I am going to get off blogger soon because of it. In the meantime I bump up my pics saturation and vibrance just for postiing. Good luck!