so we went to calgary on monday and had a great time! i took pictures of my pregnant sister lindsay, who is due at the end of may and according to her 3 year old daughter she is having a boy, no questions asked.

other exciting news: 1. we got to visit with our good friends in calgary, hank and emily, & shani and miles. 2. i got a tripod! i am excited to use it! 3. we still have 4 more days of no school. 4. check out this sweet self portrait i took [i like it].


Katie said...

That's a really fun self-portrait. Isn't the baby gorilla hilarious?!! Lindsay's looking super cute too btw. Glad you had a good time and still have a few days to yourself.


Yeah...I love that I got to see you! Thanks for stopping by, sorry it was a crazy night it has been one of those weeks. I love the pictures you are getting so awesome at all you photography stuff. I love the pic of you sitting...awesome!