well russell and i travelled down to salt lake this past weekend. we attended russell's mission reunion, which was very pleasant! russell's mission president gave a great talk, the spirit was felt, and everyone enjoyed the reunion! 

we stayed with our wonderful friends the henriksens. we just love them so much, they are like family, for real! 

so... saturday morning becky got a phone call and she comes down stairs and says, guess who is coming over, brad and tilane. my brother brad and i didn't even know we were going to be in salt lake at the same time; we couldn't have planned it better. russell and i haven't seen them since our wedding day so it was so great to see them! they came over to the henriksens, we had breakfast together and then watch the first session of conference. it was very fun to see them! [love you brad and tilane]




So fun! I am glad you got to see your brother, I bet that made the trip worth it! Hank told me you guys were quite busy and had a good time! I can't wait to see you, it is coming so soon!

Martha anne said...

Three words.
Not Fair. Jealous.