so we have a new little friend, his name is tim, he is about two inches tall and has wings. yes, our new friend is a bird. tim just happens to like flapping his wings against our window {usually during the early hours in the morning when we wish we were still sound asleep}. 

this is tim's routine; he flies up to our window and taps repeatedly then takes a break by rest on the screen and then repeats this about 5 times and then flies away. thats not it though, because he will be back; he does this about 5 times or more a days. its really quite comical, i think there might be something wrong with tim! 

russell thinks that tim is a canary that must have been someone's pet and now he is trying to get inside. i mean this is know accidental flying into a window, tim knows what he is doing; its weird!

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Martha anne said...

Oh My!! I cannot believe it when I read it. Esther. I had a bird do that to my window as six in the morning every morning and all day for a month!! I feel your pain, its very funny in the beginning and then it starts to get very old! Thats insane that you have an annoying bird friend so.