look at how much this man loves me! you can just tell by the way he is looking at me in this photograph! i miss him more than anything! i miss having him close and seeing his smile, especially when he still looks at me this way! i love him more than anything! please don't take for granted the time you get to spend with your husband!

(photo by eden lang)


Katie said...

Why aren't you two together?
Being apart is waaaay hard. I always miss Conor so much when we're apart. Even when he has to work a lot (and he works from home), I miss him.

Russell Beazer said...

I love you Mrs.Beazer

janetina said...

Don't ever forget how precious a gift an eternal companion is. You two are meant to be together and your babies are going to be sooooooo cute!!

eden lang said...

where is he? sorry you miss him. it must be even worse as your hormones can get crazy when pregnant! hang in there.