so, many of you are wondering where russell is.

russell is living in beazer, alberta with his parents and will be working for the cardston county this summer in order to earn money for school, baby, and life in general. i am in rexburg finishing my last semester and will graduate on july 23rd (woohoo!). this was obviously a very hard decision to make, but well sometimes you have to make big sacrifices in order to make things work out. i miss russell terribly, but we do get to talk everyday and once in a while we get to talk on i-chat.

we are learning a lot about how much we love each other and i think this will only strengthen our relationship!


H and E said...

Oh man I bet you are so lonely, I am so proud of the sacrifices you are making and it will only pay off in the end! Keep working hard so you can come back to Canada!!!

mckenzie said...

I am glad we can get through watercolor together! 2 weeks down. You are so brave!