FAMILY! i have been so blessed by my family this year, through living apart from russell, moving, and having a baby they have been there to support and love me the whole time! the love and friendship that we share with our family are unlike any other kind of relationship. family is always there for you; unconditionally. these are the types of relationships and love that i want to photograph, these are the types of relationships that should be documented!

christmas is coming and to celebrate the season and the great blessing of family, i want to document these special relationships!
so, here we go:

1 hour
8x10 print
disc of 20 images
online proofing for 9 months

to set up a session you can contact me by phone or email.
hope to hear from you soon!

this is my sisters beautiful family; i love these guys so much!


H and E said...

Esther I was just going to e-mail you about doing some Christmas photos for us....are you ever going to be in Calgary that we could do it?

Amy said...

ooohhhh - me too! I'm actually coming down next week with Carter but a Christmas card photo sans Michael probably wouldn't be a good thing! :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks Esther, so fun to see the pics. I love the one of Isaac and Patrick and Isaac. My boys.I can't wait to see the rest of them. Thanks so much for taking the pics for us. Love you tons and lets plan a Calgary trip for you.

H and E said...

I bet Amy and I would make it worth your while if you came up this way.
Any Amy really who cares about Michael in the picture...maybe you could just photoshop him in! ha ha

eden lang said...

these turned out so beautifully! They really are such a great family. and SUCH cute kids:)