New Challenges.

As a Wife, Mother, Homemaker, Photographer, I feel like my life is ever changing and I am constantly redefining who I am. I decided I want to try something new, something that I think I will love and something that will challenge me in a new way.

If you know me, you will know that one thing I am very passionate about is Birth. So, I want to help women feel empowered and positive about their birth experience through photography {If you have never seen a photographed birth story, check one out, here, here, and here, now}. The birth of a new little person is so special and those are moments you never want to forget. The feelings you have are so precious, tender, and fleeting. With photography I can help you hold on to those precious moments forever.

If you are pregnant and if having your birth story photographed is something that interests you, please let me know here.

{a precious moment from my son's birth}


Katie said...

that's so wonderful, esther. if I were going to pursue photography that is exactly what I'd want to do. I hope you get to photograph a birth story soon. You will do a fantastic job. I can't wait to see:)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Call me Esther and lets have that chat! I'm so excited that women are getting the opportunity to have this part of their lives documented in a beautiful way. It's such a powerful story to capture.