My Boy.

It is hard to photograph a two year old. Lately I have felt like I never take any photos of Porter, so I have really been trying to pull out my camera more, instead of just snapping silly photos with my iPhone. I was reading this children's photography book and was feeling new inspiration to capture my sweet little boy in action. These were my favorites while he was watching a show this morning. I was falling in love with window light all over again this morning as I played with the small amount of light that was falling through the blinds onto my head. It was one of those moments that reminded me of why I love photography so much.


 photo p1-1_zpsfea2be1e.jpg  photo 20130129_0018_zpseae564ed.jpg  photo 20130129_0010_zps6a76cd2b.jpg  photo 20130129_0002_zps2a066c67.jpg


Melissa said...

What a cutie! I love these shots.

mckenzie said...