Six Months.

This happy little girl is six months old today. It amazes me that a whole six months has gone by, that is half a year. Edith is such a sweet calm, content baby most of the time. She doesn't play strange and she loves to watch her brother. She is not letting me sleep as much as I would like, but that is ok (for now). Edith loves to be on her stomach and is always rolling over; she has only rolled to her back twice. Edith's hair just keeps getting longer and longer, and cuter and cuter. She has the biggest smile that melts my heart and I love this sweet little girl with my whole being. I really need to take some nice photos of her with film, but my digital camera will have to do for now, (if only I were made of money). Enjoy!

 photo 20130228_0014_zpsa4b88fdc.jpg  photo 20130228_0027_zpsec038334.jpg  photo 20130228_0086_zps3c24cf3e.jpg  photo babytoms_zps3b99b0d5.jpg
I also had to share these sweet little shoes I made for Edith; they were inspired by this pattern.


Tina Wilde said...

Ok cutest pictures ever. She couldn't be more perfect!

Katie said...

She's a looker!

I hear ya about the film. I have a roll of 36 B&W exposures waiting to head out. I budgeted for it last month, but never did it. It'l a lot of work to send them off.

And I love the shoes. Makes me baby hungry.

H and E said...

She is the cutest, there really are no words for her!! Loving the pony tail, she has fantastic hair!!

mckenzie said...

oh she kills me!!!!!!

janetina said...

Edith you are my sunshine! Wish I could stop by for a hug!