Four Simple Rules.

There has been this little thing going around the web in the fitness world about "four simple rules". The rules are:
     1. Never go 3 days without exercise
     2. Workout at least 3 days a week
     3. Never miss a Monday
     4. Never give up.

These are great rules to pattern your exercise goals after! However, my trainer decided to come up with her own personal 4 rules and challenged me to do the same. I decided my rules needed to encompass more than just my fitness goals. Coming off the fitness show has been a bit of a challenge for me. The show was this great high! I felt amazing, lean, pretty, fit, accomplished, and then it was all over so quickly. I had been so focused on this one goal for so long I didn't really know where to go from there; I am still figuring it out. Post show it is easy to slip into bad habits with eating, and feeling directionless, this combined with the huge pile of life stressors that have been piled on me in the past couple months has left me feeling a little "raw" to say the least.

So, here are my "4 Simple Life Rules", they were a lot harder to come up with than I thought they would be, but I think I am finally happy with them.

 photo 4simplerules_zpsee04e0db.jpg

These rules, although simple, honor my nutritional goals, my fitness goals, and remind me to stay true to myself and the things I love to do. I probably could have written a list of 10 commandments or something, but that would have been too complex and taken to much time, and I've learned that keeping it simple is usually just the best route to take! I hope to set some weekly goals at the beginning of each week to keep me focused and moving forward.

I am really grateful for all of my experiences and all that I have accomplished, and I know that I have yet to accomplish great things. And most importantly, I know that as I move forward, I am not alone! I have my Heavenly Father, my loving Husband, and my entire family who are always there to love and support me when I need them.

 photo Esther13-36_zps6d8642e5.jpg  photo Esther13-50_zps31194954.jpg
I am going to extend the same challenge to you. Create 4 simple rules to help you reach your goals and stay true to yourself! Feel free to leave a comment and share your rules with me, I would love to hear them!

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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I love your rules! I love the idea of setting goals and ideals in which to live by. I love the mental health that comes along with setting clear and intentional thought process into our everyday life and decisions. I'm going to have to work on something formal for myself….. writing it down somewhere to be seen is probably key to the effect. :) Thanks for sharing!