The Big One.

I can hardly believe my eyes, my little boy is 1 year old today. It is hard to believe that one whole entire year has gone by, yet I can still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I have such sweet memories from our first moments with Porter and his sweet little spirit. I am glad I can look back on those memories fondly! I am glad Porter still snuggles with me once in awhile, in between his adventures and exploring. It is a wonder to me that every stage a child goes through is still such an amazing thing, each new skill they learn, or law of nature they discover. It never ceases to amazing me the little wonders children are, especially my little Porter on his 1st birthday. Porter we love you so much, every whit, through and through, head to toe, every little movement, sound, and look. You will always be our sweet little baby boy!


-Love Mom.


Katie said...

He's so sweet. I love his tousled curls up top. Happy 1 year to you! You're a wonderful mom!

Judy said...

Aww. Happy birthday Porter boy! We miss you guys!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

That went by fast! He is such a sweet heart! And I'm with Katie, the curls are the best, don't cut them yet.

H and E said...

It all goes by too fast. I feel like it was yesterday I was coming to visit you in your cute little house in Lethbridge and holding him and not wanting to leave. I love the photos, you really captured the simplicity of a one year old! Miss you

Eden Lang said...

I can't believe he is a year!!! love the pictures:) have fun with that 1 year old!