I gave Porter his first haircut last week. It was exciting, challenging, and a little sad, but I got rid of his little mullet and his hair isn't in his eyes anymore, so I think I did a pretty descent job {in spit of Porter's wariness}.



Katie said...

Awesome job! He looks so cute. I love those big eyes.

Katie said...

how adorable! great job on his haircut:)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

He looks handsome! And not too grown up! Haircuts usually do that to boys.

P.S. I love the shopping bag over the head! Genius and also cute.

Eden Lang said...

first, I am so impressed with the haircut! that's not easy, and it looks so darn cute. also have to agree with Elizabeth...that bag over the head is ADORABLE!!!!

oh! he has the perfect little chin:)