Quiet Book.

I am so excited to finally share this project. I have been working on this on and off for the past few months and here it is! Porter's Quiet Book. It was so fun to create each page and add all the little details. Almost every page has a special touch of hand embroidery and I think the rocket ship page is especial wonderful. I am getting very excited to give my little man this handmade gift!

1. Tie the shoe
2. Robot {stretchy arms}
3. Rocket Ship {slides}
4. Suitcase {zipper}
5. Dress the Boy {velcro}
6. Fish bowl {snaps}
7. Counting Carrots
8. Stoplight {velcro}
9. Toolbox
10-11. Finger Puppet Stage
12. My name _____.

I found most of my ideas through various blogs, you can find all the links here on my pinterest.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

You did a fantastic job! I did a quiet book as an exchange once. My page rocked! But it was more like Katie's recent exchange where everyone else's sucked and in some cases wasn't even the right size! Needless to say I never put it together. SAD.

This is so clever and cute and well executed! He'll love it! What a good mommy you are!

Judy said...

That's amazing!

Briana Jensen said...

So cute! I love it!!! What did you use for the pages?

C & S said...

That is so awesome! Looks like a lot of work. Great job!

Eden Lang said...

oh my gosh, oh mmmmy gosh! I LOVE this!!!! you did such an amazing job!!!!!! I know how time consuming these are, and I am so impressed:) I have wanted one for years but just always push it off:)

yay! its beautiful!

H and E said...

Oh geez you put us all to shame!!! But that is why I love you. So amazing!

Katie said...

i'm in love! soooo cute!!

Ashley Jane Reina said...

amazing work! really!
So I want to follow your blog, but that option is not available on your blog...it should be I am sure lots of people want to follow your blog. let me know how.

mike said...

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mike said...

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Amy said...

This is UH-MAZING!! I'm seriously impressed (and shamed by the fact that I've sewn for years and could never do this). You've got skills girl!

Mitz said...

ESTHER! Get out of town! I LOVE this, I am super duper impressed!! Porter is a lucky boy to have a mom who can make such beautiful things for him. It looks awesome, I'm so glad you shared. :)

audreyjane. said...

This is an old post that I just discovered on pinterest, but you should make more and put them on etsy.com!
I'd buy at least one! Beautiful book!